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Go Forward supports children in care and care leavers aged 16-25, we do this to reduce care leavers social isolation and develop care leavers support network and long-term outcomes We know wellbeing and positive social relationship produce better outcomes for all of us.

We support care leavers through our meet ups, activities at term time, workshops with partners, and an annual Christmas Party at the Arsenal Hub. We also offer care leavers the opportunity to suggest the yearly activity schedule and plan events that will benefit them and other care leavers. If you are a care leaver and interested in suggesting ideas for events, please contact us.

In 2019 we are keen to encourage care leavers to develop their creative skills and make content for this website or build their own website via blogging or vlogging about their experience of being in care and leaving care.

You can use your own experience of being in care or a care leaver by acknowledging the tools you have used to overcome disadvantage by writing a blog piece, or vlog post. If you are a care leaver and interested working on content to help other care leavers, please contact us.


We are here to support children in care aged 16-18 and care leavers aged 18-25 that do not have a large support network and often have no one to turn to at times of loneliness, crisis or during celebratory periods. We are also here for care leavers that are ready to meet other care leavers and mentors where they can build relationships through our yearly programmes, meet ups and activities.

  • A place to go in times of uncertainty and doubt
  • People to talk to, who care and can express interest and support
  • Somewhere that will offer a place to build skills and find their own passion
  • Somewhere to go at Christmas and other holidays

We feel it is our duty to provide this early intervention in the lives of care leavers so care leavers have the support they need to build a fulfilling, rewarding life and become happy and confident when they go out into wider society.


You can get involved in events or activities via our contact us form or alternatively you can be referred by your local authority. If you are slightly outside of our 16-25 years old bracket do not worry, get in touch and we may be able to signpost you to another service.

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