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We provide care leavers in crisis aged 18-24, a residential stay in a domestic setting as an alternative to acute admission.

We also offer non-residential services for care leavers aged 18-24, such as on-going support groups, peer support space and a range of workshops. We also offer a range of coping techniques and self-help tools to help these young adults learn to contain and manage any future crises.


We’re here to help young people who, if supported, can make the break from the disadvantage, chaos and trauma of their past, and succeed in their adult lives. They are potentially good and high achievers educationally and in the job market. The actual support that they need seems simple to those who have a family home to which they can return:

  • A place to go in times of uncertainty and doubt
  • People to talk to, who care and can express interest and support
  • Somewhere that will offer a place to eat together, or even the occasional stop-over when needed.

Simple as it is, this can be the difference between a return to success in the push and shove of daily life, or an inexorable slide into isolation and failure. We feel it is our duty to provide this early intervention in their lives so that rather than descending into chaotic lifestyles and finding solace in gangs and volatile relationships they are given the support they need to build a fulfilling, rewarding life and become a contributing member of society.