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Jocelyn Hillman is the founder and Chief Executive of Working Chance, an award-winning charity which is changing lives and transforming society by placing women with criminal convictions into sustainable, quality jobs.

Working Chance empowers women with convictions to become financially autonomous so they can support themselves and their children. As well as drastically reducing reoffending, this creates hugely improved outcomes for the next generations, breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and crime.

Jocelyn believes in breaking away from a cultural model which pigeonholes women ex-offenders as either criminals or victims, and focusing instead on their potential. Much of Jocelyn’s day-to-day work involves educating employers to overcome their preconceptions and build inclusive hiring practices. She is a regular speaker on the rights of women with convictions and the importance of creating real social mobility.

Jocelyn says
“I deeply admire the work Kadeema has already done; I am impressed by her tenacity in overcoming the obstacles of her past and striving to create a better future for others. Kadeema has identified a crucial gap in the services provided to young people leaving care and has developed a strong, sustainable model to fill this gap. Over 1 in 4 Working Chance candidates have spent time in care, so we understand the challenges involved in supporting this cohort and the importance of such dedicated services. I am proud to be backing Kadeema in this endeavour and I have every faith in her continued success. “

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