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Peter is the CEO of the charity PAC-UK, the largest independent adoption support agency.  Having spent his early years in residential care prior to being adopted in the early 50s he has worked in services for looked after and adopted children for 40 years. His experience includes managing residential care services, managing practice learning, lecturing and working as a development manager for National Children’s Bureau. He is trained as a social worker, family therapist and practice teacher.

Peter has led significant projects including the NCB project Improving Educational Opportunities for Looked After Children, and the Inside Outside project working with birth mothers in prison and through the gateway as part of the Cabinet Office Social Exclusion Unit.

He is the current chair of the Consortium of Adoption Support Agencies and is a member of the Adoption Leadership Board and of the Adoption Support Expert Advisory Group.

Peter says
‘I have for years been confused by the fact that as a society we suddenly stop providing support when it is potentially most needed – the transition point to adulthood.  I believe Go Forward has the potential to provide the support and backing that so many young people leaving the care system are looking for.  I feel privileged both on a personal basis and as the CEO of PAC-UK to have been asked by Kadeema to be involved in helping this innovative project become established.’

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