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Go Forward is a charity formed in 2015 by Founder CEO Kadeema and other care leaver friends. The vision for the charity stemmed from the founders experience of isolation and loneliness after leaving care and living independently.

The initial vision for the charity was to campaign for young people who have left care to have an alternative family home to return to at times of loneliness and crisis, or during traditional celebratory periods. This is something that care leavers frequently don’t have and their peers in wider society can often rely on as a safety net from parents and extended friends and family.

Our fundamental belief is that care leavers should have a place to turn to, where they can create their own network, improve skills, find their path and develop relationships with mentors and peers who become like family. Relationships are a core part of health and wellbeing and have a significant impact on life outcomes.

Go Forward exists to contribute to care leavers social needs and improve their social, health and economic outcomes.

Working towards our long-term goal of a ‘home-away-from-home for care leavers’ we approached local authorities, cooperate trusts and funders.

Since 2015, we have received small grants, donations and gift in kind support from Islington Council, Arsenal in the Community, Bates Wells Braithwaite, The Peel Institute and donations from people in the community. These grants and donations are greatly appreciated, and remind us how much our supporters value what we do!

Since 2017, we have worked closely with Islington’s Leaving Care Team and we now support over 60 Islington care leavers a year. We host regular day trips at term time, entrepreneurial development programmes and an annual Christmas Day Party at the Arsenal Hub for Islington care leavers and their children.

Go Forward has a dedicated team of supporters, care leavers, and volunteers who are continuously raising awareness and applying for funding.

We have some very exciting plans for 2019, including our launch of The Hub in October 2019, so watch this space, and contact us if you would like to get involved, either by giving your time as a volunteer or by making regular or single donations to support our services.



Peter Sandiford Trustee

Peter is the former CEO of PAC-UK, the country’s largest independent adoption support agency. Having spent his early years in residential care prior to being adopted in the early 50s he has worked in services for looked after and adopted children for 40 years. His experience includes managing residential care services, managing [...]


Elizabeth Esengati Trustee

Elizabeth Sengati is a Trustee for Go Forward Youth and a Senior Personal Assistant supporting the London Deputy Mayor of Social Integration, Social Mobility, Community Engagement. Elizabeth has a long standing professional and personal interest around actively pioneering for children in care and care leavers. She is a qualified first aider and [...]


Karli Hiscock LLB, LPC Trustee

Karli is a partner at BWB specialising in real estate law, advising corporate entities, charities, investors and developers as well and dealing with all aspects of landlord and tenant property management work. Karli is a founding member of BWB’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum, founded in 2015 and has a particular focus on [...]


Jim Clifford OBE, MSc, FCA, FRSA Trustee

Jim is a chartered accountant, chartered tax practitioner, and holds qualifications in corporate finance, insolvency, and third sector financial management. He heads the Advisory and Impact teams at BWB and helps social sector and private sector organisations to create, analyse, enhance and realise value through acquisitions, disposals, mergers and other structural and transactional [...]


Kadeema Woodbyrne BSc Founder CEO

Kadeema graduated with First Class Honours in Psychology in 2016. She set up Go-Forward at a Google Start-up Weekend, in 2015 whilst completing her studies. Kadeema is devoted to addressing the needs of ambitious, isolated care leavers. Kadeema was Deputy Chair of Islington’s Fair Futures Committee in 2017, working to make Islington [...]


Our long term aim is for young people out of care to be able to live in a world where they do not feel isolated.

Our vision is for our wider society to understand that young people recently out of care, however capable, should not be left to fend for themselves. They may not need educational, employment or social support but they still need the support of belonging and being cared about – the kind of support many other people get from their family.

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