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Go-Forward is a charitable purpose organisation for care leavers that are striving to live fulfilled lives, but due to lack of support may become disheartened and experience isolation. The mission of Go-Forward is to provide a caring and welcoming ‘home away from home’ for these care leavers transitioning into adulthood. The support provided is a day-time drop-in centre, which includes a range of workshops, activities, group support and therapeutic work, along with the more conventional aspects of a home environment;such as somewhere that will offer a place to eat together.

Go-Forward additionally offers a Night Respite service for care leavers that are in crisis and due to lack of support would only have the alternative option of using Adult mental health services or Accident and Emergency.

Go-Forward is a preventative charity and believes that if care leavers are given the right support they will have a platform to build fulfilling, rewarding lives to become contributing members of society.


Go-Forward is a new organisation being formed to deliver the services outlined, with a target start date of 1 December 2015.  Operations will be carried out through a company registered in England & Wales, formed for the purpose.  For further information about the company and its formation, please contact us.



Our long term aim is for young people out of care to be able to live in a world where they do not feel isolated.

Our vision is for our wider society to understand that young people recently out of care, however capable, should not be left to fend for themselves. They may not need educational, employment or social support but they still need the support of belonging and being cared about – the kind of support many other people get from their family.



Meet Milly

Milly is 19 years old and is care experienced; she has been looked after by the local government for the past 15 years. She came into care as a vulnerable child at the tender age of 4 after having experienced domestic violence in the family home.